How FinTechs Revolutionize the World of Banking

Published on 22nd March 2017

WorldCom partner, Helga Bailey International, discusses how digitization has long reached the banking sector and how fintechs new simple concepts are putting pressure on traditional banks. Fintech is a combination of traditional banks and technology. There are 149 fintechs located in Germany, which most of them not being located in the financial capital Frankfurt. Instead they are located in the startup scene, Berlin, where most investor angels are located.

Many young entrepreneurs are developing new business models. They have found that many people would love to strictly manage their banking online. Different FinTechs are now creating ways to manage your banking in a safe protected ways, all online.

Read more on how the baking world is being transformed by FinTechs, and how they are creating new services to simplify safe banking resources.


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