Gen Z: The Self-Determined, Environmentally Conscious and Digitally Connected Generation

Published on 8th March 2024

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More of Generation Z are entering the professional job market each day, making many employers adapt to new challenges. Gen Z grew up in the digital world, and often have more questions and take a more active approach to solving problems. To attract this digitally inclined generation to your business, it’s important to understand what makes them tick.

Gen Z or post-millennials are classified as anyone born between 1997 and 2012. This generation was raised with digital media by their side. As a result, they’re more in tune with current events and politics. Gen Z has a strong awareness of social issues and are looking for companies that share their beliefs and values.

Outside of social responsibility, Gen Z place a high value on their own physical and mental health. While other generations were happy to work overtime, Gen Z place more importance on work-life balance. They want to have a happy life, and don’t have an issue transitioning out of their current job to achieve it.

Since employees are a company’s most essential advantage, how do you market your company to appeal to this young generation?

How to Win Over Generation Z

To attract Gen Z employees, it’s important for your company to be meet their needs. Flexible work hours and placing an added emphasis on employee engagement and trust are a few great places to start. Since Gen Z are self-determined, you’ll want to have a corporate culture that gives employees the opportunity to place their own impact on the working environment.

The next step is keeping a close eye on your company’s reputation by evaluating with questions like:

  • Does your company have sustainability initiatives?
  • Are there other programs that Gen Z values?
  • What is the conversation around your company’s mission, core values, and working conditions?


The Gen Z workforce will likely what to know the answers to these questions before agreeing to work for a company.

For example, a company that makes regular contributions to a climate protection non-profit is likely to have an easier time recruiting Gen Z employees. Think about ways you can position the company to be more socially responsible to build trust with the Gen Z workforce. Oftentimes this means building up your employer brand and getting more insight into how younger job seekers view your company.

To learn more about the details on how to attract Gen Z to your company, check out the full blog post: Gen Z: Self-determined, environmentally conscious and digitally connected.

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