Four Ways the C-Suite Can Use Social Media

Published on 19th February 2019

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Social media IS for the C-Suite according to Worldcom partner Phillips Group. There are nearly three billion social media users around the world, why not connect with them?

There are hundreds of social media sites to choose from and executives can use as few or as many as they are comfortable with. In fact, 70 percent of executives engage on only one social platform.

Regardless of the platform, the C-Suite can benefit from connecting with and growing alongside their audiences. Social media can be used to do this in a variety of ways.

Consider some of these common uses:


By using social media, the C-Suite can promote growth both externally and internally. When searching for a job, many potential new hires view leadership’s social media pages to get a feel for the company’s values. This is a perfect time to get your C-suite involved by using profiles that showcase talent and expertise while remaining relatable and honest.


Social media has many other uses, including showing appreciation. You can show appreciation for many groups, including:


Media Representatives



Want to find other ways the C-Suite can harness social media? Learn more in the Phillips Group blog about ways the C-Suite Can Use Social Media.


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