5 Key Considerations for Effective Multi-State Advocacy Campaigns

Published on 27th February 2024

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This insights post is a summary of the original blog post published by Sachs Media. Read the post: Multistate Success: How To Champion Your Cause Across The Map

 When government policy changes are on the horizon, a multi-state advocacy campaign can be a great strategic move. When federal action could create waves in an industry, building legislative momentum with communications across states can help you overcome policies with negative impacts.

The experts at Sach Media use multilayered communications campaigns to go through state barriers to achieve goals for their clients. While the issues all states face are unique, there are common threads that appear between them. What are the consistent strategies that apply to multi-state campaigns? Sachs Media shares five key considerations that every multi-state communications campaign should think about.

5 Considerations for Multi-State Communication Campaigns

One of the clearest paths to achieving your goals is identifying the states that are the most important to your business. It’s crucial to get a better understanding of the political climate of each of these states and how their regulatory processes work. This lets you figure out where your communications can play offense or defense.

Even when the policy goals across states are similar, the messaging that’s needed to achieve them can vary. For example, if you’re trying to advance clean energy initiatives, it might be better in one state to talk about job creation, while discussing how it will lower pollution works best in another. Lean on research and data to help your campaign decide which messaging will resonate the most in certain states.

Almost every successful multi-state campaign engages third party support. Think about how you can work with professional organizations, nonprofits, trade associations, and any other stakeholders that can help your campaign gain momentum. The process of collaborating with third-party partners will also help you refine the audience targeting for the campaign.

Before you can talk about the solutions your business has for a cause, it’s essential to highlight the initial problem. Think through what the fallout or consequences would be if your campaign doesn’t succeed. Sachs Media was able to secure funding for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network by talking about the issues like layoffs and setback in cancer research to reach their goal.

Finally, your campaign needs to stay flexible. The legislative process for states is often in flux and has sudden roadblocks that can appear. Set up your campaign so it’s ready to adapt to new developments. For more complex issues that arise, having a trusted partner is very valuable.

To learn more about the details on how to create an effective multi-state campaign to champion your cause, check out the full blog post: Multistate Success – How to Champion Your Cause Across the Map.

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