Does Meme Marketing Make Sense for Your Brand?

Published on 25th November 2019

Sales-like product pitches rarely work for brands on social media. Audiences are looking for content that aligns with the way they use the platform – and oftentimes, that means memes.

Does that mean your brand should incorporate memes into its social media strategy? The answer depends on your audience and brand voice. For example, Millennials and Gen-Zers are some of the heaviest consumers of memes. So, if your brand markets to these demographics, meme marketing may be worth exploring.

KGBTexas Communications outlines some considerations to examine before adding memes to your social media content.


“Memejacking” – or using already popular memes for your own messaging – is a safe and effective way to begin using memes. These memes are already well-known and easily foster engagement through liking and sharing.

To memejack effectively, however, timeliness is key. Brands risk looking off-trend if using outdated or overused memes. Additionally, brands need to fully assess the meaning or potential meaning of a meme to avoiding the risk of offending audiences or compromising the brand’s reputation.

Meme Copyrights

Many marketers stray from memes because copyrights are oftentimes unclear. Standard copyright laws do in fact apply to memes, but that does not mean that every instance of reuse is a violation. KGB Texas recommends careful research and consideration before exploring memes, and perhaps legal counsel if necessary.

To learn more about meme marketing and how to develop your strategy, read the full blog post from KGBTexas.

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