Developing Successful Events

Published on 21st October 2021

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Designing events is a strength that is built over the years. In our agency, we started in this fabulous world a long time ago and our path has allowed us to work in our country and abroad, to create small, medium and large events. Each event, made to measure and according to the client’s needs.

To develop an event, we like to work following three very important stages: pre-event, event, and post-event.

Phase 1. Pre-event

In this first phase it is essential to define what the objective of the event is, what is the purpose of its realization? What type of event can be created? For whom it is designed? What are the results expected? and what budget is available?

Based on these questions, event designers begin to create a creative conceptual proposal, identify and quote the different suppliers and equipment essential to create the event. At this stage, the graphic and marketing proposal is also created from invitations, advertising, or strategic promotion if the event requires it.

Phase 2. Event – execution

On the event day, all coordinated vendors and services begin to do their job. It will require a very meticulous follow-up of each one of the actions from the assembly, until the event starts, as well as when it ends and its disassembly is carried out. For the execution to be flawless, it is recommended to have a checklist and a detailed action schedule of absolutely all the activities and people involved.

Our team is expert in details, and it is precisely the details that make the difference in any experience. We seek to exceed the client’s expectations and also, in the previous phase, we have planned scenarios of possible unforeseen events to be ready at all times.

When the day of the event arrives, all the previous months of work and projected coordinations become reality.

To read phase 3 on the post event, read “How to develop successful events?

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Interamericana manages strategic, integrated communications initiatives to support the objectives of clients and their organizations.  Their vision is to be recognized in the region for their innovative, effective and passionate communications services.  They bring professional expertise in the areas of strategic communication, public relations, advocacy strategies, media relations, media training, corporate image, and crisis management.


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