Design Better Customer Experiences with These 5 Tips

Published on 21st December 2020

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Perry Lowder of Padilla. View 5 Ways Of Designing Better Customer Experiences.

Every brand must pinpoint and deliver on the value that customers seek and do it consistently. As customer needs evolve, how should brands evolve what they deliver in response? When you think about customer experience, there is a need to emphasize the customer aspect. When you do that, the role of the brand becomes much clearer.

Follow these tips from our partners at Padilla to design better customer experiences that offer value. 

Remember the job to be done 

A customer interacts with a certain brand because they believe it will help them accomplish a goal, whether that be functional, emotional, or both. What is your brand doing to help them get this job done? That orientation around value should inform the entire customer experience and the way you design it.

Focus on moments, not “touchpoints”  

If you design a customer’s experience just by its touchpoints you could be placing unnecessary limits on value creation. This approach is an inside-out way of viewing their journey. Your customer will interact with your brand in a series of moments, many which live in-between these touchpoints. You can optimize the customer’s experience, and your financial returns, by pinpointing and investing in the moments that matter. It’s important to remember that every moment can negatively or positively affect the customer’s overall experience.

Nail the mechanics and the magic 

A brand that doesn’t get the simple things right risks losing customers, but so does a brand that disappears into a sea of sameness. To deliver a great customer experience, you must balance the mechanics and magic – the gears that keep the experience spinning and the uniqueness that give it life and personality. 

For the final two tips on how you can design better customer experiences, read the full blog post in Padilla’s Buzz Bin.  

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Padilla is an agency focused on holistic communication practices in a multitude of industries that include higher education, food and beverage, technology, and health. With six offices spanning from the east to west coast of the United States, Padilla’s team works passionately to build, grow and protect their clients and their relationships with their key audiences.

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