Crisis Communication Trends: 2020 Coronavirus

Published on 11th March 2020

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The coronavirus continues to be a topic of interest on a global spectrum. As the death toll and active cases continue to rise, many organizations are discussing how to maneuver through crisis-induced issues that may occur. 

For business leaders and communication experts, there are strategic ways to prepare for a crisis like this. Similar to the approach many professions took during the SARS-coronavirus, this specific coronavirus will need planning to ensure operations are not negatively impacted.

Padilla offers 6 preventative steps that can be taken now to help lessen the potential impact:

1) Make a task force

Designate a cohort of workers to stay up on the latest updates, relay information and plan for any crisis that could arise with this illness. 

2) Re-discuss and refresh business continuity plans

If this virus reaches the workplace, there should be a plan in place to help ensure office functionality. With communication methods shifting so vastly in the last decade, options like working remotely may be suitable.

3) Prevention campaigns

Simple, quick and easy planning of a campaign can ensure employees take precautions to avoid spreading any colds, viruses or illnesses. Simply reminding employees to sanitize their hands and office equipment can make a big difference. 

4) Create plans for rescheduling meetings or events

Though challenging, this crisis may require rescheduling or canceling events or meetings. For your client’s best interest, these options may need to be considered. 

5) Caution travel to highly affected areas

Many businesses have already canceled any visits to the Asia-Pacific area. Strongly advise clients to be wary of travel and also for employees to be informed when planning trips. 

6) Hear your stakeholders

If concerns come from your stakeholders, take time to listen and hear them. Ensure these stakeholders that plans are being discussed and make sure you are taking steps to be prepared for crisis. 

Padilla also suggests that this coronavirus outbreak has the potential to change how American business functions for the time being. While this health crisis continues to unfold, it is important to keep yourself and others aware of updates and potential changes to regular business.

Get more insights from Padilla on coronavirus and crisis management. You can also find more insights from partners about healthcare and trends.

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