Considering Changing Your Content Strategy? Start with These Questions

Published on 14th April 2020

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With major shifts in the global economy unfolding, you may be taking a closer look at your marketing efforts and how to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape. Does changing your content marketing strategy make sense? How can you properly plan your content amidst such tumultuous times of uncertainty?

Consistency is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. While some adjustments will likely be necessary to adapt to the changing times, it may be more appropriate to shift specific tactics and messaging rather than overhauling your entire strategy.

Before shifting your content strategy, Padilla suggests first considering these questions:

Can we get more from our existing content assets?

Create an inventory of your blogs, videos, infographics, and other content assets and reflect on how they have been used. Are there opportunities to repurpose these assets for other uses? Have they been shared on all of the appropriate channels? Can an asset be updated or refreshed for additional use? Taking stock of your existing inventory rather than investing in new assets can be a quicker, more cost-effective way to refresh your content efforts.

What efforts are our competitors making across channels?

It may seem like your competitors are developing more content and staying active on more channels than your brand. But is this really the case? You may be surprised. Do a competitive analysis to determine what content efforts others in the industry are making.

Is our messaging consistent across all platforms?

Content across owned, earned and social media platforms need to be unified by the same key messaging. Before shifting your content strategy, reflect on whether your current channels are aligned and whether there are opportunities to create a more cohesive message.

Get additional insights from Padilla about whether it makes sense to shift your content marketing strategy.   You can also find more information on management and PR trends from Worldcom Experts.

Padilla is an agency focused on holistic communication practices in a multitude of industries that include higher education, food and beverage, technology, and health. With six offices spanning from the east to west coast of the United States, Padilla’s team works passionately to build, grow and protect their clients and their relationships with their key audiences.

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