Communication in the Digital Age

Published on 26th August 2021

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Planin. View the original post: Os 4 Cs da Comunicação na Era Digital. 

Thanks to the digital revolution, it’s much easier today than in the past to have over a million friends. Quite different to the time when Roberto Carlos asked for friendships at random and needed luck, word of mouth and mass communication efforts to reach an audience. 

However, the overarching question remains: How do you establish effective communication?   

To answer that, our partners at Planin gives us The 4 Cs of Communication in the Digital Age:   

Context (Knowledge):  

The start of any effective communications plan requires companies to get to know their customers. In an age focused on humanization, it is essential to study context. Companies need to know what people want and what they imagine for the world. Subsequently, this should be divided into two parts: a) knowing others – take a deep dive into the context of their anxieties, problems, and values and b) knowing yourself – what are your company’s purposes, goals, and desires? Once this is established, it is much easier to move on to the next element.   


Through social media networks and digital communications platforms, starting a conversation is much easier than it’s ever been. Although there is an ease to digital communiciation, it is an integration tool and requires mutual exchange and development to be effective.  

Learn more about the final two elements, collaboration and content, in the full blog post “The 4 Cs of Communication in the Digital Age.”

With more than 20 years of experience, PLANIN is one of the main Corporate Communication agencies in Brazil. Initially, PLANIN offered only Press Office services, but has diversified its expertise to integrated communication services, including Strategic Communication Consulting, Communication with journalists and opinion formers, Internal and Stakeholder Communication, Digital Communication and Social Media, Corporate and Personal Reputation Management, Investor Relations, Communication for Crisis Situations, Brand Creation and Positioning, Events and Corporate Videos, and Image and Market Research. PLANIN stands out for adopting international methodology and incorporating into its work the world’s best communications practices.

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