Communicate a New Product Category Using This Strategy

Published on 3rd July 2018

Smartwatch as example of a new product category

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Working with a client who offers a product or service in a new category that is unknown to consumers? Breaking through to audiences is particularly challenging – and requires an entirely unique set of communication tools and methods.

Worldcom partner LF Channel works with these types of clients and recommends a two-pronged strategy: create awareness of the need that the product or service satisfies and position the brand within that category. Some examples that exemplify this strategy are wearables and smart products framed in the field of IoT like home robots and biometric bracelets.

What are the first steps necessary to implement this strategy?

1) Know the product or service in depth

Don’t rely solely on the client to understand the product or service in the new product category. Instead, have the communication team test the product or service firsthand to know its uses and the needs it fulfills. This process helps your team anticipate questions that journalists and bloggers may have once the communication campaign begins.

2) Draft detailed documents about the product, its uses and advantages

Creating a library of educational content like “how to” documents, guidelines for use and literature to explain product advantages will help journalists and bloggers understand the new product.

3) Perform events and demonstrations

If your team struggles to reach audiences with traditional marketing and PR efforts, consider a live session. Demonstrations and seminars can help your audience easily understand the product or service. Plus, video recordings can be used shared and repurposed for additional content.

LF Channel shares three additional steps to successfully communicating a new product category. See their other insights on their blog.


Founded in 1996, LF Channel has grown to include offices in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. In the past 21 years, LF Channel’s commitment to producing results has earned them a reputation of reliability and trust with clients, media and market influencers. LF Channel specializes in lifestyle, consumer electronics and technology markets.

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