Brands Respond to Racial Injustice

Published on 22nd July 2020

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Consumers fully expect brands to react during times of change and significance. Research shows that consumers tend to ascribe human traits to brands and in turn, expect brands to express human-centered traits when reacting to current events. 

Worldcom partners at KGBTexas Communications offer some key insights on how brands can better their relationships with consumers by reacting to current events. 

Humanizing your brand for meaningful engagement

Most recently, COVID-19 has been the cause of brands responding with statements about what they are doing to help, cope, and work around the virus or simply sharing a we’ll-get-through-this-together encouraging message. When brands act like humans, they will respond to the world around them in ways that meet consumer expectations. 

Brands taking a clear stance against injustice 

Civil unrest sparked protests worldwide, and brands have been speaking out. In America, brands like Disney, Nike, Netflix, and the NFL are encouraging people to not turn their backs on racism. 

As we continue to see protests and demands for justice across America, brands must continue to uphold their messaging. Get KGBTexas Communications full take, along with more insights in their blog post about brands responding to racial injustices

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