Brand and Reputation Management during Crisis

Published on 6th May 2020

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A crisis can have ever-lasting effects on your business. When it comes to brand and reputation management during the crisis, there are strategic ways to protect your voice, uphold your values, and ensure stakeholders that your business understands the crisis’ impact. 

When it comes to brand management, Phillips Group offers seven tips to help in a crisis.

Have a crisis plan made and ready to implement

Preparing a basic outline can be the make or break moment for a company during a any crisis. By taking the time to design a basic roadmap, you can be prepared for a certain kind of crisis event. These are not one-size-fits-all, so it is important to make a few hypothetical plans based on categories of crisis. The following are basic outlines you will need to be flexible and adjust the plans to best serve the crisis at hand. 

Take the steps to your self up for success

Being strategic in your set up will help ensure you can  manage a crisis well. Setting up teams or committees to handle crisis is a common and helpful tactic. It is also important that strong leadership shines through to both internal and external stakeholders when a crisis is occurring. 

Solid the position of your brand

Stick to your brand message. This time is hectic and uncertain, make sure your brand continues to stay in its position that speaks to the core values of your brand. 

Ensure balance in communication efforts

It is important to continue to communicate your brands’ needs, but it is critical that you make sure you do not come off as opportunistic. Some customers will be offended by brands that focus on sales right now. To make sure your brand doesn’t come off as insensitive, make sure you communicate transparently, sincerely, and make your stakeholders feel supported. 

Tone is important during major crisis situations

Customers want to feel like your brand understands the impacts of the crisis, so open and transparent communication is key. The normal tone to your brand may not be appropriate during this time, so adjust accordingly. If you tend to have a humorous tone, now might be a time o be more serious while still keeping your brand values. Little things like 

Content tailoring is necessary

Take time to think about what your clients and customers are going to need most right now, then make sure you create/share that content with them. It is important to share information that these audiences are going to need right now and make it easy for them to access.

What channels to communicate on

Use your relevant platforms to connect with your audiences. Amplifying messages across all platforms will help make sure all of your stakeholders have a chance to interact and see the latest updates. If the crisis is directly hurting your industry, consider creating a specific website page to discuss the state of the business. 

Get more insights on coronavirus and crisis management. You can also find more insights from partners about brand management and communications trends.

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