Big Data – More Than Just a Buzzword

Published on 14th April 2017

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The term “Big Data” sounds scary, but we are seeing it is become more and more relevant in Public Relations and communications. It now plays a role in social media and the many newsletters we use to contact consumers every day. The amount of data being produced increases everyday and is starting to get a bit overwhelming.

Worldcom partner, Helga Bailey International, offers a few tips to help navigate through big data analytics. The first tip explains how it isn’t always easy to find the appropriate data for your work by using tools such as social media comments and social activities and press releasesto find insights.

The second is “know your people”. Look outside of the items you are creating and find what journalists are saying about your company. Is this information positive or negative? Media monitoring is key to staying up to date.

Finally, keep in mind that gathering marketing data is only be successful if you are proactive about responding immediately to negative comments, trying to solve problems, and being available to users with advice and practical help.

To learn more on how to manage big data for marketing, visit our partner’s website!


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