Ways AI Can Boost Digital Marketing

Published on 30th December 2022

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun it’s emergence in the marketing industry. In almost every industry that it’s woven into, AI has been making a positive impact. AI is a collection of technologies that have the capability to learn, perform, and act through an almost human level of logic. With digital marketing, AI is most often used to collect customer insights and analyze that data to look for trends. Given how transformative of a technology AI has been to the digital marketing industry, all kinds of brands have been leveraging it in a variety of applications. From writing assistants to generated images, these new AI tools are designed to make tasks easier. However, they’re not the end all be all. Here are some ways you can create opportunities from using AI.


With AI, you can personalize marketing messages on the individual level to potential customers with tools like H20.ai. If you already have a database of customer information, AI can help you create personalized messages. If you’re a brand that sells housewrap for example, think about how much more engaging an email would be if it included a product that customer was interested in.

Content Generation:

As we hinted above, AI can make your content creation process more efficient. Even though the heart of writing content is human creativity, AI can be used to take some of the pressure off the process. For example, let’s say you’re trying to optimize a webpage for SEO. An AI tool could help you brainstorm headlines that include target keywords. In fact, AI content writing tools like Jasper have these features built into their platform.

AI Boosted PPC Ads:

AI is often used for helping brands make the most out of their ads on Google. With AI, your brand could take advantage of smart bidding and price optimization strategies to help your paid budget go further. This technology can also help brands monitor their ads, making it easier for smaller marketing teams to run more ad campaigns. Google even has their own form this technology called Automated Bidding.

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