6 Ways to Integrate Social Media & PR

Published on 24th July 2019

In the increasingly integrated communications landscape, social media and public relations strongly overlap. However, many companies and agencies make the mistake of developing strategies for the two as if they were separate.

Tábua Digital explains that approaching planning with a mindset to integrate social media and PR strategies yields several major benefits.

First, a joint approach ensures consistent messaging across channels, strengthening brand positioning. When public relations and social work together, the two can help bridge the failures and weaknesses of each. Plus, a collaborative approach supports the creation of an authentic link between the brand and its audiences.

So, how can social media be used to support public relations through an integrated approach? Tábua Digital offers some tips:

6 Ways to Integrate PR and Social Media

  1. Allocate responsibilities to a professional with experience in both PR and social media to ensure there is a natural and comprehensive integration from the start.
  2. Share contacts and existing strategic plans to identify overlaps and potential conflicts.
  3. Create joint goals and target audiences, identifying how each channel will reach those same audiences together.
  4. Bring a team together to create and share content across platforms.

Learn the two additional ways to integrate PR and social media in the blog post from Tábua Digital. You can also find great additional insights on Social Media for other Worldcom Partner blog posts.


Tábua Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Portugal that specializes in public relations, social media community management, influencer marketing, SEO/SEM, online reputation management and start-ups communication. Since 2017, Tábua has dedicated their efforts to both clients and the community through the 10% Project, encouraging employees to devote 10% of their time to volunteer for social causes and actions to support the local Portuguese community.

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