5 Tips for Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility

Published on 25th February 2020

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As consumers continue to focus on reaching personal, health, and professional goals, they are also putting more focus on aligning themselves with companies and brands who share their values and prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In fact, a study recently revealed that 87% of Americans will purchase from a brand because it advocated for an issue they care about. Additionally, 76% reported they would refuse to purchase from a company if the organization supported an issue that conflicts with their beliefs.

Sachs Media Group argues that a brand model reflects the issues that are most important to both the company and its audiences, striving to benefit both stakeholders and the public.

In their latest blog, Sachs Media Group outlines 5 ways to improve corporate social responsibility:

How to Improve Your Brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Encourage Employees to Volunteer

Offering volunteer days to employees can both build camaraderie within the company and raises awareness of the brand’s efforts to support charities.

  • Invest in Social and Environmental Initiatives

Companies can donate directly to local and national organizations or hold events in honor of the cause.

  • Practice Ethical Labor

Job applicants and current employees seek companies that practice what they preach. Improve brand confidence by offering competitive benefits, a comfortable workspace and opportunities for continuous growth.

  • Promote Philanthropy

Consider creating an in-house team to spearhead philanthropic efforts and identify ways the company can give back to the community.

  • Be Environmentally Conscious

Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to lessen their environmental impact, oftentimes supporting brands that are doing the same with their manufacturing and product development.

Sachs Media Group offers examples of corporate social responsibility done right, along with steps for getting started.  You can also get additional insight Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) about from other Worldcom Partners.

Sachs Media Grouphas perfected the art and science of promoting issues, brands, and services using insight-informed strategies to achieve measurable results.  As a truly integrated strategic communications firm, the agency specializes in public relations, digital, integrated marketing, public affairs, crisis and research. With offices in Tallahassee, Orlando, Boca Raton, and Washington — and global reach powered by our affiliations with the prestigious PR Council and the Worldcom Public Relations Group ‑ Sachs Media Group helps a broad array of clients overcome barriers and leverage opportunities to break through to success

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