5 Reasons to Use Text Messaging for Lead Conversion

Published on 9th March 2017

Having trouble reaching admissions applicants via phone, email and snail mail? WorldCom partner Schneider Associates have discovered how to improve your admissions process and yield. In this day and age many people prefer texting and use it as their main source of communication. Schneider Associates suggest “bolting on” a text message to an existing enrollment campaign can generate and convert leads.

Phone calls and emails are time consuming and will not benefit if their are no responses. This time can be spent texting students to answer specific questions. There are many reasons to back up why texting is the best form of communication to be used by enrollment campaigns. According to Schneider Associates it is cross-generational, it reinvigorates “cold” leads, creates more efficiency in the admissions process and provides more accurate yield metrics.

Visit our partners page and learn more on how to use text messaging for lead conversions. http://bit.ly/2k9SMLe


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