5 Generational Gaps in Consumer Products Discovery

Published on 20th November 2018

Photo of an older man's hands holding a smart phone

It may come as no surprise that there’s a generational gap in how consumers gather information – but what may be unexpected is that this gap is actually growing.

In fact, Schneider Associates uncovered some stark differences in the sources of product awareness across generations in their 2017 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey (MMNPL).

Key generational gaps in consumer products discovery:

  1. Younger demographics are more likely to learn about new products through digital channels than older age brackets.
  2. Although many brands are increasingly shifting messaging towards iGens, this age group has the lowest level of product recall.
  3. Millennials, on the other hand, have the highest levels of product recall at 72 percent, making them the most impressionable.
  4. The baby boomer age bracket continues to gain the most information on new products from TV commercials and other forms of traditional media. However, there was a 24% increase in social media use – particularly on Facebook – that suggests this trend may soon change.
  5. Product recall in the 72+ age demographic was similarly low to iGen rates at 26 percent.

Insights from the MMNPL can help brands identify the channels that are most effective for reaching their target audiences. To see the full report and gain more insights on what generational gaps exist, see the post from Schneider Associates on the generational gaps in consumer products discovery.


Schneider Associates is one of the leading Boston PR firms and integrated marketing agencies successfully launching and accelerating visibility and growth for new products, services, companies, institutions and communities through a mix of traditional public relations and marketing programs, digital marketing and social media strategies, influencer and experiential campaigns. Schneider Associates also specializes in public affairs, reputation management and crisis communications programs. Schneider Associates is certified by SOMWBA as a woman-owned business.

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