5 Consequences of Not Having a Strategic Communications Plan

Published on 21st April 2021

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Paul Raab, managing partner of Linhart PR. View the original blog:  Five Bad Things That Happen When You Have No Strategic Communications Plan.

Research, audience insights and Big Data are popular topics among communications and marketing leaders. However, some companies still lack the fundamentals — a strategic communications plan that connects with business or brand objectives and specific measurable goals. 

Here are 5 consequences of operate without a plan:

  1. Your valuable time, effort and creativity is spent on tactics that fail to connect to brand or business goals. You may be working hard, but to what end?

  2. Without a strategic plan that includes concrete quantifiable, measurable goals, you have no way to measure success, and demonstrate results, value and performance. Instead, you’ll focus on vanity or tactical indicators.

  3. Without the ability to connect your activities to specific business goals, it’s hard to make a case for resources. It’s easier to advocate for your needs when you’ve successfully demonstrated performance against measurable objectives. 

Get the remaining two consequences by reading the full blog post, Five Bad Things that Happen When You Have No Strategic Communications Plan.   Find other PR Strategy Insights to help boost your communications.

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