4 Factors to Help Your Podcast Succeed and Stand Out

Published on 23rd June 2021

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Caden Jones of Bliss Integrated Communications. View the orignial post: Top 4 Factors of Podcasts to Succeed and Standout in an Increasingly Digital World.

As of April 2021, 2 million podcasts have generated more than 48 million episodes and are their audiences are growing. While the number of listeners continues to increase, their daily time spent listening to podcasts is declining.  

It’s, therefore, more critical than ever before for both emerging and existing podcast programs to differentiate their content and retain a loyal following.   

In Bliss Integrated Communication’s third installment of the Bliss Blog miniseries: Premium Podcasting Practices, Caden Jones offers four tips to help new and existing podcasts find their niche and retain a loyal audience.  

  1. Audience compatibility. Make sure your content and structure are compatible with your audience, so your podcast is positioned to compete in the fast-growing space. Start by defining who you want to listen to your show. Next, research what other podcasts they listen to, what topics aren’t explored, their knowledge level on your podcast’s topic, how often and how long they listen to podcasts, and how they prefer to be engaged. 
  2. Diverse and informative content. Offer a deep, informed perspective on a topic. For example, rather than focusing on the vast manufacturing industry, you might target the automotive sector—specifically, electric vehicles—and more specifically, their impact on the goal of a carbon-zero future. By going deeper, your podcast can deliver insights that strongly resonate with your audience. Being a reliable source of diverse and informative content will support audience loyalty and trust, and lead to a more impactful show.  

For the remaining two tips, read the full blog post, “Top 4 Factors for Podcasts to Succeed and Stand Out in an Increasingly Digital World.” Check out their previous posts on “How to be a Rockstar Podcast Guest” and Want to Start a Podcast?  Ask These Questions First” to learn how to seize new opportunities and maximize success in the ever-growing world of podcasting.

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Bliss Integrated Communication is an award-winning strategic marketing and communication firm based out of New York. They have expertise in public relations and marketing strategy and execution, social media management, and content development. 


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