3 ways graphic design and public relations go hand in hand

Published on 29th July 2020

When you hear the terms “graphic design” and “public relations” together, what do you think? Some may feel the two are on opposite ends of the spectrum and never coincide, while others believe using them together can increase communication through imagery. 

Worldcom partners at Providence Strategic Consulting Inc. discuss how the PR and Graphic Design can go hand in hand by using design to create powerful public relations strategies. 

  • Using graphic design to create an identity helps build brand awarenessThe key is to incorporate simple designs into your branding and imagery that will enhance your company’s image without being distracting. These designs should complement each other and build upon your brand identity. Some examples of brand identity items are logos, business cards, and letterheads. These designed items are then promoted and tied back to your brand.
  • Designing for social mediaContent, and content design, need to be done well to match the brand and the social media channel. These posts need to do more than just communicate. They need to be engaging and memorable. Graphic designers need to use imagery and visuals to communicate and support the brand, and support storytelling.
  • Creating designs for eventsGraphic designers at PR firms are responsible for developing designs that match client brand identity at events. These designs are made for promotional materials, such as flyers, banners, and t-shirts. These materials would need to be representative of what the event is about, all while keeping in mind the brand’s identity.

Public Relations professionals who specialize in areas including client branding and event management wouldn’t have as effective strategies without graphic design. Using imagery to solve problems and capture attention is done when both PR and graphic design come together. Get more Brand and Social Media insights from other Worldcom Partners.

Providence Strategic Consulting is one of Central California’s top strategic communications firms. They specialize in marketing and public relations campaigns including a strong focus on digital marketing and website development.

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