3 Tips to Stand Out in the “Emotion Economy”

Published on 28th May 2019

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Is your brand leveraging sentiment for currency? The “Emotion Economy” is shaping the way marketers and business leaders interact with audiences – and they’re seeing valuable results.

So, what exactly is this emotion economy? It describes the ecosystem in which technology and data can help us understand not only what our customers and prospects need, but also how they feel and how we best get them to act.

Historically, brands have been limited in their data to the purchase patterns and behaviors of audiences. Technological advancements can now give us more information and data to form a more accurate understanding of our audiences. For example, Facebook’s reaction buttons can help brands understand how audiences feel about different types of content.

Dix & Eaton argues that the power of complementing a strong value proposition with an emotionally fulfilling message is one of the most effective ways brands can stand out in the emotion economy.

They offer several other tips for on their blog:

1) Be timeless, not timely, with technology

Lead your messaging with creative and let the channels support that messaging, not the other way around. Racing to keep up with the newest digital marketing trends may be a poor fit for your audiences, and actually impede on your ability to effectively connect with them.

2) Put your brand’s mission at the forefront

Consumers expect openness and transparency, particularly in spaces like social media. By clearly and consistently communicating your company’s mission, you can build trust and influence.

3) Use personal touches

Look for ways to re-infuse personal touches and messages to audiences, like with superior customer service and personalized marketing touchpoints on email or social media. An organization’s ability to communicate personally and directly with audiences can strengthen their ability to compete.

Get more tips on ways to stand out in the emotion economy from Dix & Eaton’s blog, or get additional brand insights from Worldcom.

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