3 Insights to Consider Along Your ESG Reporting Journey

Published on 1st October 2020

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Gregg LaBar, senior managing director at Dix & Eaton. View the original post: 3 takeaways to consider on your ESG reporting journey.

Every organization’s sustainability/Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) reporting journey is different.

Dix & Eaton’s recent webinar on the topic provided insights from experts including: 

Working toward best practices takes time

For ITW, Dixon discussed the evolution in both content and format of the company’s CSR from its start in 2009 to today. In 2009, the report consisted mostly of storytelling with a heavy emphasis on community engagement. Today, its strategy focuses on four areas of commitment: Governance & Ethics, People, Communities and Environment.

Glatfelter’s approach is rooted in its core values of environmental and social responsibility. Its journey has accelerated recently, coinciding with the company’s transformation into a leading global supplier of engineered materials. Glatfelter is in the process of developing its first report, beginning to engage with ESG ratings organizations and developing metrics that it will publish and report on in future years.

Determine your “essentials and principles”

Gale Tedhams’ list of “essentials and principles” for organizations early in their reporting journeys include essential topics that are a good starting point for any organization: 

  • climate change, 
  • environmental, 
  • safety and health, 
  • human rights, 
  • employee experience, 
  • community, 
  • leadership structure, 
  • sustainability strategy and structure, and 
  • making key policies and codes publicly available. 

She recommends including what meaningful data you have, even if it seems spotty and random at first. She also encourages companies to “explain your vision” in qualitative and quantitative terms, and “be authentic,” which includes being willing to share your challenges, weaknesses and lessons learned. 

You can find the final webinar presentation deck online and other management insights from Worldcom Partners.

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