3 Insights for Positive Stakeholder Engagement

Published on 25th September 2018

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What is the key factor to shaping behavior and ensuring core business values are lived out within the organization? Strong leadership and communication.

Within the realm of infrastructure, strong communication is essential to drive effective stakeholder engagement. For both private and public sector clients, effective stakeholder management facilitates:

  • Optimal results
  • Intelligent strategy
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • A lasting, positive legacy

Increasingly, project stakeholder management has shifted to require more flexibility and adaptability. Phillips Group has proven expertise in effective stakeholder engagement and outlines three points that can be used to adjust to the shifting style of stakeholder leadership:

Every project needs a compelling reason

Whatever the reason, every project needs to share a comprehensive narrative that can be understood and communicated at every level. To shape this narrative, leadership should ask themselves:

  1. What is the purpose?
  2. Why here and now?
  3. What is the economic, social or community benefit?
  4. Does risk outweigh the benefit?

Additionally, leadership needs to define the negotiable and not-negotiable project elements. Stakeholders want clarity – it’s important to recognize that there are knowns and unknowns in every project. Providing transparency to stakeholders fosters trust and more positive relationships.

Once the leadership team has outlined clear reasoning to manage stakeholders, they must then emphasize the value. Learn how to do this effectively and gain other tips on effective stakeholder engagement on the Phillips Group blog.


Phillips Group is an award-winning, strategic Public Relations, Communications, Digital Marketing and Creative company based in Brisbane, Queensland. Since 1976, Phillips Group has provided their expertise in Corporate, Infrastructure, Energy & Resources, Public Sector and Stakeholder Engagement to clients.

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