10 Tips for Effective Media Interviews

Published on 28th June 2018

Despite the growth of self-published content, the media still represents a vital channel for business communication. Interviews with journalists and media representatives are a valuable component of any business’s PR efforts. Therefore, it’s important to have the skills to convey your message clearly and strategically.

Good interviews don’t just happen – they require thorough preparation. Worldcom partner Radius Kommunikation A/S provides media training for its clients. In their recent blog, they share 10 pieces of advice for how to prepare and be effective:

1) Make Key Points Immediately

When sharing a story, you build up slowly from beginning to end. In an interview, don’t have the luxury of time. If the interview is happening live or subject to a strict timeframe, you may have as little as 10 seconds to provide a response.

Because of this, you must speak briefly and concisely. Know the key points you need to make and state them first. Then, if time permits, support with examples and further elaboration.

2) Avoid “Tribal Language”

Different professions and industries develop their own language and jargon that makes it easier and faster to communicate with others. However, using this language outside the scope of the industry can be problematic. It’s likely that others outside of the group are not privy to the different meanings. Speak clearly and plainly – and perhaps prepare a list of commonly used jargon terms to avoid beforehand.

3) Speak Well of Your Competitors

Although it sounds counterintuitive, you should not speak badly of your competitors during an interview. You may appear arrogant and unprofessional if you use air time to talk badly about competitors. Furthermore, doing so may actually open yourself up to criticism.

Rather that speaking badly about competitors, it’s better avoid discussing competitors altogether. Or, better yet, speak highly of them. If you acknowledge that your competitors are quality businesses, you also highlight that your business is capable of competing with the best.

To read the other seven tips for effective media interviews from Radius Kommunikation A/S.


Kommunikation A/S is one of Denmark’s leading companies in strategic and integrated communications. Radius was founded in 2003 and provides advice in strategic communication, public relations, public affairs, investor relations and analysis based on its clients’ values and business goals. The agency’s customers come from all industries and vary from large international organizations to smaller national businesses.

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