The Value in Internship Programs

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The job market has always been a tough place, especially in PR. The best item to have on a resume that sets one candidate apart from others is internship experience. Nowadays, it is an expectation for employers to see one or multiple internships listed on resumes for potential candidates. Internships have become so impactful that most colleges even require the completion of an internship in order to graduate.

Internships are now seen as a three-month job interview, so it is expected that interns give 100 percent effort during their time with the company, even if they don’t see themselves staying at that company. Every skill obtained from an internship is a skill that can set you apart from other candidates when going to apply for your dream job. Learn more about how to get the most out of an internship experience from our partner, Intrepid.

Intrepid is a national strategic PR and communication agency in Salt Lake City with deep experience in crisis communications and public relations. Their focus is on client success and they are fueled by their drive to understand complicated information to help you reach your audience.

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