Responding to Racial Injustice as a Brand

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Social changes and civil unrest spark conversations across demographic groups around the globe. And brands and businesses are no exception.

Some consumers look for brands and companies to speak out and take a side on social issues. 

Worldcom Partners at KBGTexas Communications share insights on social injustices and brand management during these times of racial unrest in the United States.

Brands are seen as humans by consumers

Consumers tend to believe that brands possess human-like attributes and behaviors.

A New York Times article discusses how brands are becoming more human-like and as a result are infusing deeper meaning into their products. 

With these assumptions and humanized brand strategies, many consumers expect and want the brands they use and trust to respond to situations and scenarios in a human-like manner.

A brand’s ability to express empathy and understanding, among other human emotions, is becoming more important to consumers.

Social justice sparks thought-provoking conversations

Racial injustices are becoming another topic brands must formulate stances around. 

With the recent civil unrest after George Floyd’s death, brands like Nike, Netflix, the NFL, and Disney have asked their followers to focus on the racism and injustice that is taking place in the United States; while other brands are staying silent. 

An article in AdAge notes, “The brands… that include with their statements actions they plan to take to combat racism are generally faring well. Other brands are being accused of commercializing the tragedy.”

Get more insights from KGBTexas Communications on using a brand voice to respond to racial injustice. You can also find more insights from partners about branding and social media.

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