República de Cuba: Navigating New Landscapes

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Cuba is quickly becoming a booming area for travel and tourism. With it’s very unique sense to the world, U.S businesses are beginning to lay the groundwork for international expansion to the Caribbean island. Our partners from Cookerly discuss exactly how relations between the U.S. and Cuba are evolving quickly.

Many U.S. companies are looking into the uncharted travel and tourism landscape  – including startups., Hotel chains and multiple airlines and cruises. Not only is this shift affecting tourism industries, but also is a game-changer for professional sport organizations. Major League Baseball players have an easier passage to sign in the U.S. with easing travel bans for athletic events and family visits.

With all of this new potential of brand growth in Cuba, there are still many regulations that need to be addressed before these businesses take over. It is imperative as public relations professionals that we take the first step and begin to build relationships. With the distinct cultural perspectives that have yet to interact, it is important to communicate effectively to learn about the cultural experiences. To learn more read the full article on evolving relations in Cuba.

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