Practice Dr. Google – Digitization in Healthcare

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Is the internet taking over the role of doctors? People tend to ask Google for a diagnosis before taking the trip to the doctor. Thanks to the internet, we can get an instant answer to any question. In a recent article from our partner at HBI, they take a look at the new possibilities arising through the combination of IT and healthcare. Can this be an advantage for hospitals?

With online diagnosing becoming more and more of a trend, hospitals are also beginning to shift information gathering and storing online. Having online tools available makes it easy for employees to access all data anywhere at anytime. Although this does not exist everywhere due to legal requirements, surveys show that 97 percent of patients are comfortable with the use of technology in the treatment room.

This new health-tech trend is attracting (the attention of? Or more and more healthcare facilities are adopting this trend?) numerous healthcare facilities and is becoming more and more popular everyday. Research shows that a possibility for the future is to no longer focus on treating diseases but preventing them from happening. (this last statement is a big jump…something missing. Maybe we’re saying that “the availability of more information to so many online now allows not only for self diagnosis, but providing more information to the public earlier, having an impact on prevention too.” or something like that.

To read more about this health-tech-trend visit our partner HBI and learn more!


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