The New Wave of StoryShowing

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Communication is rapidly changing. People have shorter attention spans, and lose interest fast. It is no longer effective to just tell a story, you need to show it. Our partner at McGrath Power explain the importance of having the ability to see messages using video and photos.

With attention spans shortening in nearly every target audience, marketers needed to find a way to keep their content engaging and relevant. Visuals in marketing have been around for awhile in the form of pamphlets and printed ads, but were not used strategically. Visual elements used to be “nice to have” as opposed to the “must have” that they are becoming today.  

Digital media and social networks became aware of this trend, and found a way to utilize visuals to elevate the satisfaction of user experience. Snapchat, for example, was founded on the foundations of using visuals such as photo and video as a means of posting content. Snapchat does exactly what storyshowing is meant to do; tell a story by showing.

This form of digital communication has grown so much in popularity that other social networking apps have adopted the same strategy of storyshowing. Instagram and Facebook have both incorporated live video into their platforms. McGrath Power talks about how important it is to incorporate a storyshowing strategy into your marketing communications in their blog

McGrath Power is a PR agency with over 25 years of experience across a range of industries.  Communication is at the core of McGrath Power’s expertise. They are committed to changing the way businesses do business through transparent communication.

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