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Is the traditional news business dying or booming? If you still read newspapers, you may subscribe to the notion that important news and local news has been overtaken by social media clickbait and “Breaking News” banners perma-seared onto cable TV.

We’re not going to deny it: it’s ugly for the old guard of the news business. Yet beneath the gloomy headlines (also written by the old guard) there is an awakening to the reality that news is being redefined and branching out in unexpected and exciting ways. Raffetto Herman pinpoint three tectonic shifts that will soon challenge the conventional wisdom about the vibrancy of the news industry and what it means for brands with a story to tell in a changing news environment.

Shift One: The Redefinition of News

The disappearance of quality local news is now a well-known tragic tale. In an era dominated by shared nationwide consumption of homogenous headlines streaming from urban centers like Washington, D.C., and New York to Americans across the continent, it’s no wonder we feel something important has been lost within our communities.

Yet, in the wake of that loss, a radically different source of local news is emerging. Take NextDoor, the popular social network for neighborhoods, teeming with crowdsourced content. On any given day, a subscriber can be alerted to an encroaching crime wave, a city proposal to build a homeless shelter, a debate over free speech in the local high school and a neighbourhood garage sale this coming weekend.

It has a long way to go to replace what’s been lost locally in traditional journalism or to meet its standards of objectivity and civility, but there’s no denying its emerging power to inform, enlighten and hold to account. This form of local “news” speaks to a trend within the news industry at large, which now encompasses more diverse voices, ideas and platforms than ever before.

Download the quick-read Navigating New Era of News Tip sheet to learn more.

About Raffetto Herman

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