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Case Study

Fitbit High Impact Consumer Launch & Press Event

TQPR Thailand

Situation Fitbit is expanding its venture across the APAC region and aims to drive category and consumer brand awareness for the introduction of Fitbit, as well as its brand offerings amongst consumers in Thailand. This PR campaign was initiated to continue its global success as a market leader in the…

Consumer PR is more challenging, exciting and creative than ever before. Due to today’s one-to-one communication expectations, brands have to be smarter, more nimble and more engaging than ever.

Worldcom Consumer helps clients rise to this challenge. We create strategies and solutions that capture attention, generate demand and retain relationships through the traditional, social and digital channels.

We can do that because we always start from the needs of the consumer. We understand how to connect with their wants, needs and buying habits. We know how to energize and engage them. And we have the proven ability to convert brand interest into brand advocacy. That’s why when we launch products we deliver immediate impact and a sustained advantage.

Our Consumer Practice has offices across the globe. The cumulative experience and expertise has the power to transform brand presence on a local, national, and international level.

We deliver a competitive advantage for brand leaders and challengers and have fun doing it. Perhaps that’s why our clients win more than their fair share of awards for the campaigns we deliver.

If you want to inspire consumers to try, buy or simply enthuse about your products and brand, then Worldcom Consumer has the skills and knowledge to deliver the right outcomes.

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Additional Case Studies

Glade® Car

TQPR Thailand

Situation Thailand was the Glade® brand’s priority market in SEA. Glade® brand wanted to reinforce and raise awareness of existing […]

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