How Multilingual Content Creates Flexibility

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With advances in technology, the rise of social media, and the ever-expanding global reach, it has never been more essential to look into strategic ways of expanding your audience across the globe. Communicators, especially ones in Europe, find themselves balancing trying to reach a broader audience – by using different languages – and focusing their message to engage the right stakeholders. 

With the focus on the new global ecosystem, the European Service Network has provided some key tips to make your social media content is ready to share for multilingual audiences.

Flexible content that contains key messages

Before undergoing translation, make sure the post contains all the key messages and clearly communicates your message. Write in the language you are most comfortable with first. Then, shorten the content and make sure its easier to read and translate. 

Multiple posts or multiple accounts to share 

There are different approaches for posting translated content depending on the social channel. For some , it makes sense to post the content multiple times in different languages. However, it may make more sense to create additional accounts to post in different languages. The decisions should be based on the needs of your audience. 

What’s in it for the audience?

Emotionally stimulating content is a great way to make readers interested. You can personalize the content by taking a step further by providing it in their native language. Users will be more likely to engage when content is in the language they are most comfortable with. 

It takes time, practice, and monitoring to find the right mix. Experiment and refine along the way. 

Get more insights from the European Service Network on creating content that is flexible to use. You can also find more insights from partners about social media strategies.

The European Service Network is a group that offers full-service communications and is located in the heart of Brussels. Advising clients, creating content, and delivering top-notch work is pillars the team prides itself on. 

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