What you need to know to hire a Wikipedia specialist

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What you need to know to hire a Wikipedia specialist – the first in the Worldcom expert advice series

Wikipedia calls itself the “encyclopedia anyone can edit” but as many would-be contributors have found over the years, knowing that you can update Wikipedia in theory and knowing how Wikipedia is updated in practice are very different. This is even more true for paid professionals.

This expert guide, written by William Beutler from Beutler Ink, explains what you need to know to find a Wikipedia specialist to help you achieve your goals. It answers the following six questions: 

  • Why shouldn’t I just edit Wikipedia myself?
  • What can a Wikipedia specialist do for me?
  • What are the downsides of hiring the wrong specialist?
  • How can I tell I’m speaking to the right specialist?
  • What are some questions I should ask while evaluating vendors?
  • What else should I know about this field?

If you want to build trust in your brand in the Covid-19 world we live in, it’s essential to get your Wikipedia strategy right.

Download our expert guide below:


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