Could AI Actually Replace PR Pros?

AI in PR

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Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we work, helping us make sense of massive amounts of data and improving efficiency. The question PR pros are pondering, however, is whether AI will simply change the way we work or displace public relations jobs altogether.

Overall, predictions seem fairly optimistic. Researchers predict that high-level PR positions have only a 1.5 percent chance of being replaced by automated technology in the next 20 years. Entry level positions rank a bit higher at 18 percent, but are still well below the average estimate for all jobs at 38 percent.

Cookerly PR put their finger on the “why” behind these numbers in their recent blog about AI and PR:

“Machines still lack the basics that differentiate successful PR professionals – empathy, intuition, common sense, human touch and life experience. These abstract characteristics are not replicable by a machine.”

While AI may not replace PR pros any time soon, this technology will still be adopted and integrated into our work. Cookerly offers a few guidelines for making integration a success including:

Create a Fearless Culture

Don’t fight the change. Instead, provide educational opportunities for employees to learn about AI and how to harness its capabilities. Approaching the new technology with curiosity reduces fear.

Designate AI Explorers

Create a team to brainstorm which areas of your organization would benefit most from adopting AI technology. Some good starting points include media monitoring, social listening and posting.

Taking the time to get comfortable with artificial intelligence now will yield tremendous value later. Get more ideas from Cookerly about embracing AI in public relations, or search for additional technology insights from Worldcom PR partners.


Cookerly PR is an award-winning marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1991, Cookerly has focused on powering perceptions through media relations, managing reputations through effective crisis communication, producing measurable results with digital marketing and developing integrated marketing strategies for clients.

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