Build Campaigns Using the ‘Idea First’ Approach

Idea First Approach to Communication Campaigns

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Customers drive change. And today’s customers, with more connection points than ever before, are forcing brands to take a close look at how they communicate with their audiences across multiple channels.

SPAG argues that the key to clear and effective communications is to put the idea first, not the channel. A successful campaign begins with a clear creative idea, which then ties all communication channels together with a clear, consistent message designed to engage audiences.

“It is important that the campaign developed to promote the central idea is channel or media agnostic, given the understanding that the audience in any industry will approach several mediums. Today, the scenario of having faith in a single channel is passé. Brands need to engage with the prospects through multiple channels.” — SPAG

SPAG explains why the ‘idea first’ approach works, and how to implement it successfully:

Leading with the Idea

The creative idea should be the central thought or theme that binds everything together. Using the ‘idea first’ approach, the messages work across multiple channels to ensure brand consistency, as well as build connections with audiences.

This strategy helps communicators avoid the common mistake of letting one primary communications channel determine the messaging strategy. Instead, this approach focuses on effectively communicating the central idea across multiple mediums, including online, offline, social, mobile and direct.

Using Influencers as Messengers

Effectively communicating the central idea requires the right messengers. Recent studies have found that credibility is one of the key factors for a target audience to accept information. For an idea to spread effectively, trusted influencers should be used as key messengers.

Mapping, engaging and aligning relevant and credible messengers are essential to the success of the campaign. While advertising firms previously achieved this through product endorsements, more and more organizations are turning to micro-influencers to reach niche audiences.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Running a multi-channel marketing strategy is a tricky balancing act of marketing management, planning, automation, strategy and monitoring. With limited resources, it’s essential to optimize for efficient operations. Investing in the right technology solutions will help effectively manage brand consistency across all channels and assess the success of the ‘idea first’ messaging strategy.

Read more insights on the ‘idea first’ approach proposed by SPAG on their blog. Get more strategic insights about Public Relations trends from other Worldcom Partners.

SPAG is an award-winning Public Relations and Advocacy firm, known for offering communication strategies that shape conversations, influence perceptions, cultivate constructive knowledge and to keep the dialogue going. SPAG specializes in pharma, healthcare and life sciences sectors. Their service portfolio includes traditional media outreach, social media activation, KOL engagement, corporate reputation management, crisis communication, media buying and market entry strategies.

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