8 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Hotel’s Social Media Channels

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Worldcom partner, Beutler Ink, shares 8 mistakes to avoid on your hotel social media. It’s obvious that hotels need enticing and entertaining social media, but it can be hard to keep up-to-date in this busy industry. To make the information quick and easy to digest and share, Beutler Ink created this slideshow of tips and tricks about how to avoid hotel social media mistakes.

The biggest mistake to make on social media is not replying to commenters or taking too long respond. It is crucial to act fast on comments and concerns so your customers know you are listening. The second tip advises social media managers to make sure the use of professional photos are the only photos being posted.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure your hotel is not oversharing guest details. Be sure to directly message commenters when possible. Consumers are quick to jump to social media when they have an issue or complaint, and solving these in a private manner is always best.

Don’t spend too much time on content and not enough on distribution. Consider timing, platform, targeting and promotional budget to cut through the noise. It is also important to not spread content too thinly across many channels. Stick to the channels that get the best results and can be updated frequently..

Another important social media tip to consider is tone of voice. Make sure your hotel has a unique sound and style that is engaging and friendly. Don’t be too formal or dry when posting. Be thoughtful when responding to guests. Most importantly, show them that you care. When it comes to criticism, do not address it. Your hotel’s social media should be used to build and nurture relationships.

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