Education Thought Leaders Can Lead By Example

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What do tenured professors, deans, and presidents of a school, college or university all have in common? They are leaders. In today’s opinion-focused world, what exactly does thought leadership look like? Our partners at Schneider Associates explain five ways successful leaders can lead by example.

To begin, think content with context. Thought leaders need to be able to paint a picture for editors, producers and consumers by “framing” a topic or trend and putting it into context. Another way leaders can be more effective is by remembering that is that sharp and differing opinions are valuable. It’s one thing to want to be a thought leader, but what makes your content fresh, new, different, controversial or exciting in higher education?

You’ve heard it before, but the phrase practice makes perfect rings true for thought leaders. Whether you are a seasoned speaker or a first time interviewee, practice is essential to success. You can also prepare by seeking professional media training or developing a list of questions you think the reporter will ask and practicing the answers.

To become a thought leader is becoming the media. One way to circumvent traditional media is to establish one’s self as a media channel. Lastly, personality goes a long way. Be authentic and let your expertise shine through. Come to interviews prepared with data and sharp opinions. For more tips read the on Education Thought Leadership.

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