2019 PR Predictions and Trends from Worldcom Public Relations Partners

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2018. What a year. In late 2017, Worldcom’s partners predicted that there would be moves to regulate social media. We didn’t know about Cambridge Analytica but we were conscious of growing consumer anxiety about the use of their personal data. It’s been a year of constant changes – all with huge impact on individuals, organizations and countries.

So, what will 2019 hold for us all?

Worldcom Group Partners in 115 cities across the globe have the pleasure to share their predictions. Read our full list of PR predictions and media trends.

We have also created a companion list of the Top 10 Communications Recommendations for 2019, which you can download below. Discover Worldcom’s top predictions, and communications experts’ advice on how to increase certainty and thrive in 2019.



Read our Top 10 Communications Recommendations for 2019:


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