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Suddenly, it’s a Smaller World!

When it comes to travel and tourism, it really is a small world. Thanks to today’s newest technologies, travel opportunities have never been greater or more affordable, travelers have never had more choice or been better informed, and news and publicity have never moved further or faster.

Around the world, the travel and tourism industry is worth more than $6.5 trillion dollars in economy activity. Over the coming years, industry experts predict growth at 4 per cent, producing almost 9 per cent of the world’s jobs and over 10 per cent of global gross domestic product. By any measure, travel and tourism is big business, and in many places represents the first, second or third largest industry.

At Worldcom, our Travel and Tourism PR agency partners recognize the rapid changes and opportunities inherent in today’s travel and tourism sectors, and with our local, national and international expertise, Worldcom is able to offer clients the practical expertise that comes from years of experience and an international PR partnership of skilled and creative professionals that’s second-to-none.

Today, thanks to new technologies, and growing transportation improvements at home and abroad, our smaller world has made travel and tourism available not just to the wealthy, but to virtually every segment of the market. These changes have also made consumers better informed as they use the Internet and other IT technologies to research, plan and buy travel products around the clock.

In this dramatically changing environment, it’s essential to find creative and effective ways to become more competitive, to master the increasingly complex and finely tuned channels of communication, to understand the nuances and differences of highly defined audiences, and to establish a vibrant and unique  brand. Clearly, when it comes to today’s traveler … one size no longer fits all.

As a result, it’s essential to think globally and act locally in order to communicate and connect with target audiences, and to have a complete understanding of the unique cultures, traditions, needs and expectations of individual travelers. In this new world, the most successful travel and tourism operators know how to tailor their messages to many distinct and differing markets.

At Worldcom, our Travel and Tourism PR Agency Practice Group offers this demanding level of experience and expertise in markets that are both close to home, or on the other side of the world. Located in major cities and markets, Worldcom partner firms are owned and operated by trained, knowledgeable professionals who offer an in-depth understanding of the industry and valuable local, regional, national and international media relationships. At the same time, Worldcom travel and tourism public relations partners work together to provide clients with an international partnership of contacts that delivers at home and abroad.

Our collective Worldcom services range from destination marketing and economic development, to representation of companies large and small in hospitality, lodging, transportation, cruises, ground operations and travel and tourism products of every description. Whether the need is a full-scale ongoing marketing communications program, web marketing, a gala opening, special event, news conference, and product launch, or help with development of written materials, speeches, or audio-visual presentations, each member of the practice group ensures that clients have ready access to our complete understanding of target audiences, extensive experience, and the highest skill levels in the practice of public relations and marketing communications.

Worldcom Travel and Tourism PR Agency Practice Group clients include government agencies and national tourism organizations, convention and visitors bureaus, cultural organizations and visitor attractions, multinational hospitality companies and individual properties, casinos and gaming companies, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators, sporting events, theme parks and industry marketing associations. Every day, around the world Worldcom is at work.

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