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Sustainability has become an essential issue for business in recent years surrounding growing environmental concerns, social corporate responsibility expectations and government regulations, and predominately, the increasing importance for businesses to harness sustainable development strategies to ensure ongoing survival in volatile markets.

As a company grows so does its profile, its impact, its threats, and the stakes associated with its sustainable practice efforts. Organisations which do not meet and exceed society’s environmental and social responsibility expectations are at risk of damaging their reputation, brand and operational integrity.

With the vision to become an industry leader in sustainability, the Worldcom Sustainability PR Practice Group affords partners access to expertise, experience, and insight of member firms throughout the Group with best-in-class sustainability PR services.

The partnerships between member firms demonstrate the ability to accumulate, grow and pass on knowledge about sustainable PR practice through sharing and collaborating. The practice group provides beneficial services and industry relationships which keep members abreast of sustainable strategies and initiatives to the benefit of their clients with an added global PR perspective.

Chair : Melissa Sturges, APR, Sturges Word
Phone : 816-235-7733

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