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Majlis PR & Communications, founded in 2004 to offer complete management of public relations providing strategic marketing & communications support in the fields of press relations, editorial consulting, event organization & management and VIP databases.

In the Arab world, Majlis represents a meeting place, a place where people meet to “dialogue”. Men or women come to the Majlis to exchange their experiences and ideas; they go there to be stimulated, to do business… It’s a place where people meet to communicate! Majlis PR & Communications’ mindset is just that!

We define and execute effective integrated PR plans to meet the strategic marketing & communication needs of our clients, whether it be to promote a brand, product, service or idea. To achieve this we can get involved across all areas of the communications mix, from writing marketing collateral to staging unforgettable events.

Majlis is a boutique agency with big ideas, offering personal tailored services. We work with clients in a wide range of fields which has given us the insight to understand what is needed to achieve maximum exposure in the right media at the right time.

Client Successes

Building brand awareness for lingerie in Middle East

When the Chantelle Group, French leader of women’s lingerie, wished to develop their brand throughout the Middle East, Majlis PR & Communications did just that! More than just cultural barriers to consider, Majlis had to also educate lingerie clients to a new purchasing channel since Chantelle doesn’t have its own stores, but distributes its products through multi-brand partner outlets which is quite uncommon in the Middle East.

Through an adapted PR strategy focused on projecting brand image and a strong message as well as nurturing relationships with key journalists, Majlis secured top-notch media coverage, even in Saudi Arabia! To add the PR strategy established in the Middle East has become a role model for the development of Chantelle’s PR in other countries.

Industry Expertise

  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Consumer Products
    • Cosmetics
    • Fashion
  • Education
    • Higher education
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Business-to-Business
    • Construction/development
  • Entertainment/Cultural
  • Food/Packaged Goods
  • Government

PR Specialties

  • Event Management
  • Marketing PR
  • On-line PR
  • Media Relations

Other Specialties

  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing

Practice Groups

Market Intelligence

Majlis is made up of a team of long-term expatriates in the Middle East, holding many years of experience in this specific market, as well as local employees. Our in depth knowledge of the region and its specific cultural sensitivities enables us to bring crucial added value to our clients when it comes to developing or “localizing” a communications plan respecting the cultural, religious, historical and social dimensions of the Middle East. Furthermore, the Middle East is a bilingual market demanding perfect language skills, but also more time to accomplish projects.

Majlis is not specialised in any specific sector, the Middle Eastern market being too small to feasibly do so. Since every project is different, we pride ourselves on our personal and pragmatic approach. Our PR planning is created and developed according to our client’s specific marketing needs and objectives keeping a strict focus on the right target. At Majlis respecting a professional and efficient work process is fundamental: result oriented planning, reliability, reactivity... are our key factors of success. We understand that marketing budgets are finite, so ROI is always present in our minds: “the most expensive idea is not always the most effective one” and we insist on measuring the results of our action