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Founded in 1996, LF CHANNEL is a marketing and PR agency with extensive experience in the distribution market and with predominant focus in the technology industry - meaning ITC plus accessories or services technology-related. Our mission is “providing, developing and executing marketing, sales and communications plans to increase the sales quality, branding and market share of our clients”.

As PR Agency, an independent SME spirit fuels dedication and proactivity to client accounts and projects. From the beginning, Communication and PR for international clients and projects has been our chosen core business.

As an advantage from our specialisation, LF Channel develop its own technology solutions to offer added value traditionally reserved to big agencies, we have also evolved like technolgy has. This means we have an ear to turn tech information into messages and plans for different audiences. LF Channel's team of professionals operates from two offices, in Barcelona (HQ) and Madrid.

Client Successes


• Goal: Increasing mindshare for NVIDIA's developments relevance in mainstream computing among both institutional and individual markets.
• Project: Media relations project to spread the word on CUDA, a high-tech programming software that allows faster data processing using the graphic card cores. From only 2 weeks notice and a meager 2h slot for press interviews in Barcelona
• Method: LF Channel developped a pitch document that could be almost taken as a tutorial to CUDA benefits, getting the gist from technical stuff unsuitable for general and business media and delivering to them segmented angles.
• Results for a 2h slot: Personal interviews with three top national dailies and a business TV station plus a varied demand of articles from other dailies, IT magazines and TV stations.

Industry Expertise

  • Education
    • Pre-school/Child education
  • Business-to-Business
  • Consumer Products
    • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment/Cultural
    • Digital Entertainment
  • Other
  • Technology
    • Embedded
    • High Performance Computing
    • Internet
    • Internet Marketing
    • Security
    • Software developer tools
    • Wireless
    • B2B Connectivity
  • Telecommunications
  • Not-for-profit

PR Specialties

  • Brand Development
  • Community Relations
  • Event Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing PR
  • Media Relations
  • Minority Relations
  • On-line PR
  • Presentations
  • Social Media

Other Specialties

  • Graphic Design
  • On-line Marketing
  • Web Services
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Other

Practice Groups

Market Intelligence

LF CHANNEL embodies an innovative concept of providing both Communication and Marketing services to technology-related companies, meaning those that are techy, those that are trendy and those that want to promote technologies or its benefits.

A relevant part of the team has a background in the technology industry, in the distribution channel or in the public sector. Empathysing with our client's view and working out solutions from a team perspective is then much easier. Our commitment is to advise clients in the choice of a suitable channel to communicate their plans and competitive advantages to their clients, to best promote their products at points of sale and to use market intelligence creating an accurate services combination to step ahead of their competitors.

More than a decade in the market is a whole world for what is our specialisation, technology. Remember those floppy disks? For this reason, evolution and flexibility is part of our nature. Yesterday was lifestyle magazines and online portals, today is blogs, tomorrow ... we'll be there.