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Founded more than 30 years ago, Phillips Group is a world class Australian communication consultancy.

We have earned our leadership position through our continuing commitment to strong client partnerships, innovative strategies and exceptional results.

Our experience spans a broad range of industries and we service clients nation-wide through our Australian network and globally via WORLDCOM. We place a high value on close relationships with all of our clients, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade.

We have worked on almost every type of communication project - ranging from high-profile and politically-sensitive ones, to small grass-roots campaigns - continually enhancing our programs to reflect the knowledge gained from working in this rapidly evolving industry.

We have specialist, senior consultants, covering all communication disciplines, across the following core business areas: Communication Services – strategy/planning/positioning; culture/change communication; community/employee/stakeholder relations; reputation/risk/issues management; financial/investor relations; media relations; public affairs/government relations; events; training.

Marketing – branding; advocacy marketing; integrated marketing communication; digital/creative services; social media.

Crisis and Risk Services – program/manual development; auditing/reviewing; training; business resilience; planning/desktops/live action; incident management; e-learning.

Our industry specialities include agribusiness, financial/investor relations, construction, defence, energy and resources, environment, government, infrastructure, property, retail, and fast moving consumer goods.

Client Successes

E10 Marketing Campaign gains acceptance

Phillips Group worked closely with the Queensland Government to develop and rollout a ethanol marketing campaign throughout the State. The +e campaign was designed to educate motorists about the benefits of ethanol-blended fuel.

The communication strategy was rolled out through Queensland on a staged basis through point-of-sale materials at fuel retail outlets and was supported by promotional, media and advertising campaigns. These campaigns were very successful in launching the E10 brand, boosting ethanol sales and creating awareness within the community, media and other stakeholders of the benefits of ethanol blended fuels.

Industry Expertise

  • Agriculture
    • Agribusiness
  • Waste/Utilities Management
  • Consumer Products
    • Retailer
  • Transportation
    • Rail
    • Road Passenger
  • Financial Services
    • Investor Relations
  • Government
  • Labor and Industry
    • Mining
  • Health Care/Medical
    • Biotech
  • Business-to-Business
    • Construction/development
  • Sustainability

PR Specialties

  • Financial/Investor Relations
  • Brand Development
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Communications/Issues Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Marketing PR
  • Media Relations
  • On-line PR
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Offers

Other Specialties

  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • On-line Marketing
  • Print
  • Video Production
  • Web Services
  • Other

Practice Groups

Market Intelligence

More than ever, Australia’s media landscape and composition is providing unique opportunities for communication companies. And Phillips Group is making the most of these trends.

Australian media ownership has been described as one of the world’s most concentrated, with a very small number of proprietors controlling the nation’s mass media. For example, 11 of the 12 capital city daily newspapers in Australia are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation or John Fairfax Holdings.

As syndication and news-sharing grows between affiliated media outlets, the number of journalists decreases, creating a need for top quality news and events provided by communication companies.

Combine this with the rising number of 24/7 online media outlets and the rapidly expanding social media world incorporating twitter, blogging, flickr, youtube and podcasting, and the opportunities for harnessing information avenues for client products, events or projects are virtually endless.

With Australians listed as one of the highest users of facebook in the world, it is increasingly vital to stay up to date with - and deliver - social media opportunities to clients.

By fostering existing, and building new, relationships with key journalists and providing media-friendly events and targeted communication, Phillips Group client success rates continue to increase.