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Founded more than 30 years ago in Milan, CBO is one of the first PR companies in Italy and is a full-service public relations and marketing communications consultancy specializing in design, travel and tourism, furniture, environment, household appliances, food and beverage, information technology, charities and fund raising.

CBO is well known for the fact that clients stay with the agency for long, from ten to thirteen years or more and for the ability to work for international clients. Its team works in Italian, English and French.

CBO has worked for the European Commission on the “Help-For a life without tobacco” six years campaign and in the past for the Promotion of Olive Oil two years campaign.

The know-how to establish relationship with every type of target in order to sell a concept, a product or an idea is the main skill of CBO and which is a must in this changing world. It has started by listening to consumers and replying to them in their own language and feeling and nowdays in obtaining their participation and acceptance.

We know how to communicate through the most suitable tool, including new media. According to clients our think tank produces “out of the box” consultancy and projects.

Client Successes

From start-up to long lasting successes

CBO, Communication by Objectives challenge to accompany clients from start-up to long lasting successes. The low cost airline revolution in Europe, which has changed the travel industry is leaded by RYANAIR, the Irish airline headed by Michael O’Leary. It has started operations in Italy with the air transport liberalization and after a few years it carries more than any other airline. Great visibility on every medium has done the job.

Not only the tourism area in which CBO has great experience, but also every industry, like design or childcare, or other market fields attract and challenge the agency to help clients from the beginning of their activity in achieving their goals.

Industry Expertise

  • Associations
  • Transportation
  • Education
    • Pre-school/Child education
  • Real Estate
    • Building and Construction
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Consumer Products
  • Food/Packaged Goods
  • Health Care/Medical
  • Not-for-profit
  • Telecommunications

PR Specialties

  • Other
  • Event Management
  • Marketing PR
  • Media Relations
  • Public Affairs

Other Specialties

  • Marketing
  • Advertising

Practice Groups

Market Intelligence

Public Relations in Italy are no more just synonymous of dinners and receptions as it used to be for decades, but the most integrated communication discipline in the corporate and marketing mix. Consultancy covers now many important subjects such as Corporate Responsibility in many fields like environment, ethics, governance, consumer relations, personnel welfare etc… Social marketing and social media are now so common and expected by clients even if not really suitable for their objectives. Great attention is given to tourism and to the needed infrastructures which have been forgotten for many years and this in order to recuperate the competitive leading position which this country deserves, with its greatest heritage in the world. Innovation in all fields is searched even in the way to reach the very fragmented targets and this is the challenge of Public Relations Consultancies to help clients in their operations. Consumers are much more attentive to the price of goods for which they expect good quality and a very good after sale service and the many consumer organizations are now concentrated and therefore more powerful and active.