Become a Partner

For more information on how to become a partner in Worldcom Public Relations Group, please contact Todd Lynch, Managing Director.

Who Are Our Partners?

Agencies become a Worldcom partner to better serve existing clients, win new clients and grow in the profession.

Many of the top public relations agencies are Worldcom partners who possess expertise in a broad array of industries, significant depth of subject matter and the ability to deliver creative, proven and cost-effective client programs. Worldcom recruits its partners globally based on specific criteria including the value an agency can bring to the group in the areas of industry expertise, diversity, geography, demographic reach, and reputation among clients and professional peers.

Worldcom Quality

Public relations firms are admitted to Worldcom by vote of the partners after a thorough vetting process to ensure they meet minimum size and age requirements, and will be able to provide maximum value to the organization, share clients and add to the knowledge bank of experience. After joining, Worldcom partners maintain high quality control standards to ensure that all partners have the best possible membership experience and their clients receive the best possible level of public relations services.

Our Expectations

As with any partnership, dozens of Worldcom firms work closely together on shared client programs to extend both the business benefit of partnership, and the knowledge and skills transferred between agencies. Relationships between Worldcom partners are nurtured over time through regular meetings, and by working together to manage the partnership, resulting in a high degree of trust and accountability.

Value to Clients

When a client selects a Worldcom partner, it is first choosing a dynamic public relations agency highly capable of providing outstanding industry expertise, and the highest quality communications program. Worldcom provides a partner’s clients with access to other industry and functional specialists to meet every conceivable communication need on a global basis.

Member Benefits

  • A competition-free zone where leaders of independent firms share ideas and knowledge to help them stay independent and grow.
    • Information sharing and training on skills and management.
    • Access to specialized expertise partners learn from to build practice areas.
    • Professional development tools for staff.
    • Career-enhancement opportunities for staff.
  • Ability to provide trusted quality service and successful results for clients in most regions of the world.
    • An extension of your staff, adding local market knowledge, on-the-ground reach and industry expertise.
    • Ability to work with partner firms with common clients.
    • Annual meetings providing opportunities to cement relationships that create mutual accountability, assuring members that their clients are being well served in other markets.
  • Ability to combine with partners to compete for international assignments, crossing cultures and borders effectively.
    • A significant local advantage against other independent firms and a level playing field when competing against multi-national firms.
  • Access to high-quality marketing communications, interactive, design, research and other services not traditionally offered by PR firms.