Client Successes

TQPR Vietnam / A press conference - on a bus?


Often the challenge with technology PR lay in making incremental technology changes fresh again, especially in the face of new competition. This was the challenge faced by Canon when bringing an entry level SLR to market at a time in which a notable competitor was launching its first similar product.

Strategy and Action

With a key message of 'ease of use' our strategy was to take the message our of the standard Powerpoint-deck-in-ahotel (which the competitor had done) and put it in the hands of the reporters to decide. We did not make a big spec-fest presentation, instead we moved the event on to a bus, made our presentations on the in-bus audio system, and armed reporters with the new camera, and talked them through photographic challenges including wildlife photography...before driving them to the zoo. Fashion photography...before introducing the models and so on.

This was done to tremendous success in both HCMC and Hanoi.


A huge amount of coverage brought this product to a rousing market reception in Vietnam, but perhaps our favorite gauge of success here was found on the Vietnamese photographic fora, which months later still had active threads on 'the day Canon did its press conference on a bus'.