About Worldcom

Why Worldcom Public Relations Group?

Businesses in today's competitive marketplace realize that their plans to succeed dictate functioning in a global environment. Yet moving into new markets often poses unexpected problems. Such dilemmas can range from overcoming cultural differences or knowing governmental regulations to reaching target markets. When you need market intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and programs that work in all your markets, you need a top public relations firm and Worldcom is that invaluable source.

Worldcom’s partnership of International public relations agencies gives you local intelligence and execution, even when local is defined as halfway around the world. Our global public relations partner firms are staffed with nationals and not someone merely posted abroad for a specified period of time. This means they are opinion leaders in the public relations profession and in their communities. If your business is expanding beyond its traditional geographic boundaries, Worldcom is able to customize its public relations services to identify and meet your objectives. With your local Worldcom partner firm in the lead, an account team tailored to your program's geographic needs, from Bombay to Winnipeg, can be formed to service your account.