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Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants celebrates its 15th anniversary

Warsaw, 25 August 2009 - GGC today announces the celebration of the company's 15th anniversary. In response to the challenges posed by the market and by our clients’ needs, new specialists join our team and the company opens a new office in Israel. On the occasion of the jubilee GGC also refreshes its image. The logo and the website are undergoing a major revamp.

Recent years signified a time for changes and intense development for the company. In the Polish market GGC reports a dynamic increase in the number of clients in such branches as energy, healthcare and new technologies, which translated into very good financial results in the years 2008-2009.  In 2007 Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants, continuing its international expansion, opened its first branch in Israel thus becoming the first Polish PR company to do so.

Nowadays the majority of the company’s signed agreements are long-term contracts within which GGC offers support in corporate communication, internal communication, and business consulting. The company also offers consulting services for governmental institutions wanting to promote their countries in both Polish and European markets.

As a result of the constant development of the company, GGC currently has a team of 20 consultants with extensive experience in both communication and journalism. Most consultants are law school graduates, which is especially important considering the requirements of the projects the company handles. The company also cooperates with a number of experts in various fields on regular basis, ensuring the highest quality of substantive support essential for advanced consulting projects.

In march this year the GGC board was joined by Krzysztof Adaszewski. He’s taken the office of Financial Director alongside with vice-chairman of the company. He gained experience in the field advising companies’ boards and coordinating strategic planning for such organisations as Brensan Group, Vivendi telecom International, EINet SA. He has spend recent years working for Netia SA where he supervised the long term planning and took part in finance canvassing.

The dynamic development of the company when it comes to number of contracts caused the GGC to become one of the few companies in the PR sector to achieve high assets alongside with a two-digit profitability ratio. Thanks to international contracts we have also reported the highest revenue increase in the sector in 2008. These figures allow us for regular investments into both our workers and specialist IT solutions and other solid elements of the company’s assets – said Anna Garwolinska, the chairman of Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants.

In 2009 we are continuing the dynamic growth of the firm. Clear structure of the company, new contracts and a precise action plan should translate into good results in 2009. Our budget for this year assumes sustaining the 2008 revenue alongside with a simultaneous growth of profitability on the operational level predicts Anna Garwolinska

GGC also refreshes its image because of the jubilee. The new corporate symbols of the company are linked with this year’s 15th anniversary of GGC’s in both the Polish and international markets of specialised public relations services. The company’s logo and website are both changing. Refreshing the image is Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants’ answer to the market’s new expectations in the scope of corporate identification. Due to rebranding, the logo and the website received a fresh look preserving the individual characteristics of the company supported by the many years of experience typical for the GGC brand. The new logo was designed to reflect the characteristics of GGC as a dynamically developing company on the specialised PR market.

Currently GGC is a member of the Worldcom PR Group, the world’s biggest network of independent PR companies. We are also a member of Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association and the Polish Business Roundtable Club.

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